Saturday May 7th


No games this weekend, plenty of action though...

Debden drew with Cottenham, meaning the First Team need to win next Saturday against Cottenham to win Division 1A. It looks to be a tough game though as Cottenham have steadily improved recently.

As was half expected, Littlington could not get a side out to face the Ressies! This meant a 3 - 0 walkover for us and secured second place again!

Last Man Standing

Latest Update from LMS Lloyd - LMS

4 entries were still standing at the start of week 6, with only 3 making it through to the penultimate week. The one elimination this week courtesy of Leicester's 2-1 defeat to Everton.

All 3 entries have picked different teams for Week 7, so it could be won. The picks for week 7 are as follows:

Troy Mayo - Spurs to beat Burnley

Ash Cooper - Leicester to beat Watford

James Gwynn - Wolves to beat Norwich

Just to confirm LMS week 7 applies to this weekends fixtures and not any of the midweek games.



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Saturday May 21st - Presentation Evening